“Give me five” – the details

Over the last nine months (or probably for a decade or two), I’ve been on a path. It’s been dusty with thick overhanging trees. My boots or bare feet have been stuck at times. I’ve been completely lost other times. There have been signs, literal or figurative, I have followed. Others I have missed or ignored even. I’m just now realizing where I think the path might be leading me, or where I want it to lead me. Until now, the vulnerability of making a declaration and taking steps to support such a declaration has impacted my ability to be a serious writer. When I say ‘serious writer’ it sounds boring even to me. I suppose I want to be a ‘working writer,’ one who writes as work, and yet I’m really hoping it doesn’t feel like the kind of work I’ve been doing up until now.

The “Give me five” idea is this: I asked my husband to give me five years to work as a writer and therefore probably not earning any income for those five years. He said ‘yes,’ and hopes I’ll return the favor for him and his dreams of playing golf professionally one day. I agreed.

Now, the work starts. I’ve got five years to replace my previous teaching salary, which in the world of professional athletes and corporate executives is a pile of pennies. Allow my clarity though, I am not writing because I want to make money, just as I did not become a teacher to make money. I am simply asking the question of myself, can I work hard enough and create something someone would pay to read?  Only time will tell. I have no idea and maybe that’s the fun of this whole thing.

So, here are the steps I have already taken:

  1. Joined a weekly writers’ group.
  2. Set goal to write a thousand words a day.
  3. Joined SCBWI organization (Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators)
  4. Started this blog.

So, let’s go. Let’s get started. Let’s get these five years rolling! And please, if you have something to say, please say it. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, insights, criticism, encouragement you can offer.


“She wrote to save her life.”

“She wrote to save her life.” These are the first words I wrote at the beginning of January 2015, after I had taken a leave of absence from my teaching job mid-school year, once the kids and my teacher husband went back to school after the holiday break, when I realized I had to fill my time with more of the things I love.

Nine months later, I’m making a declaration. I am a writer. Even writing those words, my stomach leaps up and down. I am a writer. Am I trying to convince you or me? I am a writer. Can I turn this into a career where I can replace my teaching salary in the next five years? I am a writer. This is my story yet to be told, yet to be lived. There will be failures and you’ll be there to see them. You might even be there to point them out to me. I would be grateful. I need your feedback, your constructive criticism, your encouragement. Thank you for being on this journey with me.